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47th Miss Intercontinental National Costume

Cynthia Linnet Lau, Miss Intercontinental Cuba in national costume at the 47th edition of Miss Intercontinental

Cynthia Linnet Lau, Miss Intercontinental Cuba wearing the national costume designed by Filipino-American designer Kirsten Regalado for the 47th edition of Miss Intercontinental held in Manila, Philippines. The multi-colored costume, which showcases the Beautiful sights and sounds of Cuba, consists of these elements: headdress, cape, ruffled cuff and 2 piece wardrobe.

The reversible cape made of ecofabric material is hand painted to show what Cuba is famous for and what locals and tourists love to experience when they visit the county. Vintage taxi, landmarks and buildings,maracas, guitar, the national bird Tokororo was chosen for its unique and colorful visual appeal which will surely entice visitors to flock to Cuba. On the outside of the cape is the 3 colors of Cuban flag. (The cape opens up to 114 by 114 inches). The modern version of ruffled cuff shows the Bata Cubana or Cuban Rhumba Dress has its roots in the 19th century, the origins as diverse as the multicultural makeup of the people of Cuba. The headdress and the two piece custom made wardrobe is made of recycled beaded lace and sewn with sequins, It reflects the silver sparkle of the blue waters of Cuba .

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