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Be representative for Cuba at Miss Intercontinental 2020

One of the biggest prizes for the upcoming Miss Cuba U.S. and Senorita Cuba pageant is to advance to the Miss Intercontinental Pageant. One of the qualified winners will have the chance to represent the beautiful island of Cuba at the 49th annual Miss Intercontinental.

Franchise for Cuba

Miss Cuba U.S. directors have been award the franchise for Cuba at Miss Intercontinental 2020.

About Miss Intercontinental Cuba

Miss Cuba U.S. once again holds the franchise and is expected to submit a representative for Cuba at Miss Intercontinental 2020 is celebrating their 49th anniversary. Announcement of the host country will be confirmed later this year.

Miss Cuba U.S. ostenta otra-vez la franquicia y responsable de mandar la representante de Cuba en la competencia de Miss Intercontinental 2020 celebrando la Edición 49. El anuncio del país anfitrión se confirmará a finales de este año.


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