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Cubanos Pa'lante featuring the founder

To kick off this year's black history month, the foundation of Cubanos Pa'lante have decided to feature former beauty queen and model, our very own founder, Fatima Coello.

Fatima Coello, born in Guantanamo, is the first Afro-Cubana of our century to win MISS CUBAN AMERICAN. For Fatima, winning this title was both challenging and rewarding as she had to navigate the nuances of existing as a proud Cubana and a proud Negra. Fatima’s passion for the pageant and modeling industry continued to grow as she noticed Cubans' lack of representation in the industry. She set out to bridge this gap by founding BNC Belleza Nacional Cuba-- the producers of MISS CUBA U.S. & SEÑORITA CUBA. Her vision and efforts have increased and promoted Cuban representation, Cuban beauty, and Cuban culture on a national and global scale.

One of Fatima's favorite career highlights includes meeting the LA GUARACHERA DE CUBA, CELIA CRUZ the day she launched her hit single “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” on the famous Spanish language talk show, Cristina, with Cristiana Saralegui.

Fatima now serves as the first and only Afro-Latina beauty director in South Florida. She hopes to continue shedding light on the importance and beauty of highlighting our Cuban community's rich diversity.

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